At Matches Boutique we strive to offer a diverse collection of clothing to match the diverse collection of people in the world. We believe fashion should be as creative and and expressive as you! Started in 2017 with the idea of offering statement pieces the Owner Tynesha Matches had this to say about her journey:
~Fashion is really a language to me. It’s how I communicate my emotion, demeanor, mood. I knew in high school that somewhere in the fashion industry there would be little me! I love to study movies and music videos to get inspiration for my everyday looks. But after working in retail I realize the uniqueness, inclusivity and creativity was missing from the industry so Matches Boutique was Born.
Advice for other Entrepreneurs:
~If I could share anything with other entrepreneurs it would be to follow your vision. When I first started so many people were scared for me. Scared I would fail or would be successful but I knew I was willing to take the leap! Everything won’t always go as planned, you may have to revise the vision but the goal is still the same. Just keep going!
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