She's Baaaccckkkk!!!!

That's right Ladies!

    I'm Back! After opening back in Oct 2017 I barely survived my 1st year in business. I bumped my head a few times. Over spent and under budgeted but hey, it was my first year. 

But I'm back though!!!...I didn't give up!..Even when I tried to say forget it God made me so uncomfortable in my corporate job that I came right back to my own dream. When I found it hard to get promoted at work instead of getting discourage I simply said "God said no!".When I returned to "My Baby", my dream things started to flow, opportunities started to come,and confirmation was there.

 But I didn't come back empty handed.Over the last year and a half I've searched  for the hottest suppliers, purchased a few vendor list from some OG's in the game and hope yall are ready! The re-branding has already begun. You notice a few changes here and there and maybe a few new faces to the website. I will be Out Here In The Streets doing popup shops in the KC area as well as some other events. 

Lastly, I want to thank all of those who have supported in anyway. The liking, sharing, posting, buying, word of mouth referrals did not go unnoticed. It really kept me mentally positive when more money was going out than coming in. I will never forget ( because Virgo's never forget)who with me shooting in the gym ( Song reference). 

I think I did alright for a first blog post! There is more to come!!!!!

If you're reading this enter #shesback in the discount code to receive 30% off your next purchase!!!!!


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