It's Photo shoot time!

It's Photo shoot time!

Catch this Tea.......

Majority of my collection had arrived and I was ready to plan a photo shoot. I announced that I was looking for Brand Ambassadors to help me reach a broader audience. The requirements were simple a weekly post, stock and advertisement photo shoots for a 40% discount. I asked them to send 3 photos of their most fashionable looks and before I published the post. Miss Brooklyn was in my inbox. Ecstatic because both Brooklyn and her Mother Candy Have been long time supporter from my first years of coaching competitive cheerleading. we have sustained a supportive relationship throughout the years. So with out a doubt I knew I had to have that type of loyalty with me. 


A day or so pass and I get a second inbox from @Definelynatural. Now the handle name alone was intriguing but once I opened the message and saw these photos with an array of poses and style. I of coarse went straight to the profile to see what else she had to offer. Bree ( Blogger Bae) essence was all throughout her post.  Crazy Sexy Cool which is everything I am. Yasss....... finally someone besides my friends who understands the balance of (C.S.C). Book her!

2 yeah for about 2 weeks those were the only inquiries but I didn't fret I knew I had plenty of talent within my family and organizations that I could call upon if needed. But I also still wanted to open the door for some other entrepreneur who understood the benefits of networking and could take advantage of the free photography session, discounted wardrobe and possibly a new following demographic. I mean Bree is a realtor ( ) who linked with a Cheer and Dance coach. How perfect was that marriage? 

After about 2 weeks.....DM; Are you still looking for Brand Ambassadors? @Rherocks who is already tearing up the Kansas City scene as a professional MUA/ Lash and Brow Beast.. The Hell I am ! Book Her immediately. I already double tap just about every damn things she post on the gram. 

So I'm a Solid 3..... Must find Curvy representation! Lord knows I"m lacking in the curves  but if I have too I'll spanx it up and make curves. Then Boom.... following a parent meeting with one of my organizations Mrs. Perry proud member of the curve gang is flaunting her new Hairstyle and nails, face beat to the Gods on a daily. which is what I've always admired about her...... Ma'am I need you to model for me! with no hesitation she agreed. She was Vol-untold to model but I'm appreciative for her stepping in and being such a natural on the set. 

So I'v got my models, location, collection, lets book my stylist ,makeup artist, photographer. Its a no brainer on the Hair. I, myself am a kitchen beautician who trained my twin cousin April( @Stylinwithchantel). My baby sister (@Kistyles) and her Bestie K. Renee @__kilar have been styling for minute so it was like God surrounded me with all the help I needed. Book Em Now before they’re permanently inked by contract because we worked so well together and the proof is in the shots. The Director of the Dance studio that I managed ( Kansas City Metropolitan Dance and Theater) mentioned she dabbled in makeup but she didn't say she Slays. Now her makeup is always flawless but the way she so subtlety brought up her skills with the brush made me think she was playing...Book Her.... 

Finally booking a photographer, I knew with such a large collection, 5-6 looks per model and 4 different models that both time and cost would be a factor. Most photography sessions are about 1-2 hours long with 2-3 looks. I quoted with several photographers which I plan to use for other projects but I could not guarantee a set time. We ended up running over about 3 hours but it was so much fun nobody cared. I'm going to tell the story myself. I rented a Nikon 5600 and 50mm lens from Rentglass LLC of Overland Park KS for about $100 for a week. Spent my days and nights building mood boards on pinterest ( suggested by stylist K. Renee) and developing a concept and theme for my shoot because I wanted it to flow. The boom Here comes the magic and hopefully the end of this blog because It's getting winded....

The Makings of a Woman: Class, Edge, and Spunk

3 things I think all women should possess

Class: Simple, do I really need to explain? NO

Edge: Make an exception for yourself where there was a no. Society will say no, social norms will say no, culture will say no.  A woman is not suppose to say that, do that, wear that, behave in such a manner. But we do tho! un-apologetically, flawlessly,tastefully "F" yo rules.

Spunk: courageousness, liveliness, persistence, uniqueness all things that come to mind when I hear the word. life get tough sometimes but push thru Sis like you've never been wounded!

Here's how I organized my shoot on Microsoft Notebook:




Wrapping it up....

Special Thank you's for my assistant for the day!

Alesha Bowman of (Unleashed+Resale & Plus Size Fashion) Thank you for linking up with me. We has so much fun building sets, fixing lighting and everything else. Book your Burlesques party's with her @monaleshaBowman

Mrs. C. Brooks: ( Brooklyn's Momager) who stepped in and helped build sets with us. Mainly thank you for continuously supporting me and staying connected with me even after Cheer life. 

Mommy & Meemaw: my right and my left hand. thank you for all the loading, unloading running around, thirfting set aesthetics. dinner on me!

Uncle Corn: the voice of reason, every time I think I'm in over my head you come thru. I'm back because you wouldn't let it go, kept on my head about when I was going to get back to the grind. 

Cryus:(Hippy Studios Fashion Designers) April's little boyfriend....You solid man, I've been testing you since Senior Prom but I can let up a little now knowing she has someone like you. Thank you for all the muscle work.  

My Consult team: Michelle F., Porshia M., Kimberly B, Kristen R., and Randi A. Thank you for helping me with building a cohesive collections for an array of women.I know I sent numerous late night texts, Forgive ya girl!  

Photos are still being edited and will be posted soon.....


This Shit was long Never again....





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